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Restaurant & Co.

Sentro 1771               2nd Level, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center,Makati                    Tel. No. +632 757 3940

                Sample a wide array of Pinoy-inspired cuisine from the lady chef as she mines the rich culinary heritage to create Pinoy possibilities at its fines. Everything in the menu is the adventure itself, from the Tomato Kesong Puti Salad, Sizzling Tofu, Catfish Sentro Style, right down to the Sinigang na Corned Beef.

Annabel's                   194 Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City                        Tel.  No. +632 922 7879        

                Diners enter through a flower shop, walking over cobbled stones along the pathway leading to the main dining area. the overall effect is cozy and intimate which is complemented by the romantic live piano music. The menu offers a variety of Spanish and International cuisine. The delicious blend of spices transform the dishes into a truly appetizing treat. All-time favorite include paella Valenciana & pastel de lengua. Seafood lovers will be delighted as they feast on a variety of grilled fish such as salmon & lapu-lapu, prawns and squid. The service in this establishment is excellent. Waiters are courteous, cheerful and sensitive to the needs of the diners.

Shang Place                        Shangri-La Hotel, Ayala Ave., Makati City                        Tel. No. +632

                     A friendly cheong-sam'ed receptionist and an ample Chinese courtyard setting greet each guest. A choice of dim sum dishes is available here. Guests can start off with house specialty Thai suy barbecue combination platter, it affords a sampling of the other available appetizers such as crispy pork skin, shredded jelly fish and squid rings. The service are quite impressive and very accommodating.

Pinoydon                                Greenbelt 3                                                                          Tel. No. +632

                At Pinoydon, one finds Pinoy-Japanese cuisine at its hybrid best. It has Achieved a happy compromise between two desperate forces. you may at first feel dis orriented trying to connect kare-kare with sushi, tokwa't baboy with tempura. Hence their unique fusion concept zeroed in on integrating the comfort of FIlipino cuisine with the devine simplicity of Japanese cooking.

               Kyo-Takayama is obviously a Japanese restaurant that is to be found in Eastwood City. This is your typical Japanese food: teriyaki, teppanyaki, donburi, sukiyaki and so on. During your meal make sure that you won't miss their wide varieties of sushi.

                Twist (Mingoy's) offers thier specialties in Spanish & continental cuisine. The Menu boasts of an impressive variety of dishes. Its paella, garlic-flavored appetizers and entrees are forever being mimicked in some households that have learned to love the "a la Mingoy" taste. Spanish food here is as authetic as olive oil.

Nappa Bistro & Bar
                Classy California-Mediterranean food, a perfect place for dates although its a bit on the expensive side. On the lighter side, you can have your soup and or salad, pizza, or pasta. The sea bass or rack lamb is a good choice if you are daring, you can try the pan seared ostrich!

Montego   Jamaican Resto-Bar
                Cool, lively reggae music where you can have a taste of tropical carribean food with all-you-can-drink iced tea. Never a dull momentin this resto-bar. Be sure to order the grilled pork in hot BBQ sauce. It is served with rice pilaf, beans, corn, and tomato salsa. chicken, lamb or beef are also available. It is definitely FOOD FOR THE SOUL!

Bargo   Sports Bar & Restaurant
                Definitely a winner in sporty Filipino and American food with all-you-can-drink iced tea and sodas. Its definitly a hang out place. Warch on TV your NBA star player sink his 3-pointer while you "feed" on ourv local favorites like sisig or sizzling baby squid. Or opt for the "imports" cuisine like Hungarian Beef Goulash or Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Mystic Grill
               Flavorful fusion of Italian, Filipino, American, Carribean, and Japanese cuisine with all-you-can-drink iced tea, four seasons, and soda. Like Clothes, combo meals here can be mixed and matched. It gets quite confusing with a myriad of choices, but that's what makes every meal unpredictable and exciting. We'll simplify it for you: just tyr grilled meats with any 2 sidings and a sauce. For example, you can order boneless chicken in BBQ sauce with fettuccine Alfredo and fried Banana or have pork ribs with gravy, mashed potato and salad. Enjoy!

Gloria Maris
               If a restaurant is to be judged by its patronage, then the local Chinese community seems to endorse this one. A tempting menu offers 143 substansial dishes and set menus for 12 people with delights such as lobster, scallop, shark's fin, abalone, and the much-desired dotted lapu-lapu.Gloria Maris serves traditional honest, solid Cantonese food - albeit less than acceptably artistic in presentation - which is welcome treat for diners seeking variety, quality, and good value.

Le Souffle
               The three chefs responsible for the phenomenal success of Le Souffle each make their own contribution. The old adage that the sum of the whole is greater than the part is proven here. There are no traditional menu divisions as most items may be ordered as appetizers or entrees.

Old Swiss Inn
               Mention Old Swiss Inn and the very first thing that comes to mind is pork knuckles. But loyal patrons know that there is more to Swiss cuisine than these. Fondue, a traditional Swiss dish, is a delicious way to start your dinner. A good choice is fondue bourguignon.